Mom Has to Sign Permission Slip So Her Kid Can Eat An Oreo at School (PHOTO)​


Parents get permission slips from school for field trips their kids may partake in, but one free-range mom was flabbergasted when she recently received a permission slip for her kid to eat an Oreo. Seriously?!


This permission slip, which the mom posted on her Twitter account, Main Line Housewife, describes how the kids would be learning about plate tectonics; the teacher would be using Double Stuff Oreos to illustrate various scientific points:

I love how the permission slip states that kids don't have to eat the Oreo if they don't want to. But honestly, unless a kid had an Oreo allergy -- which as far as I know is hardly a rampant problem -- what kid would refuse? 

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But I think what's sad about this scenario is not just that food policing at school has gotten out of control (goodbye, birthday cakes). It's that schools increasingly aren't trusting kids to make even the simplest of decisions for themselves. We're not talking cliff-diving here; we're talking about eating a cookie!

If a kid can't eat a cookie -- be it because of allergies or because they come from a "sugar is banned" family -- shouldn't they be able to say so and pass? After all, they're old enough to be away from us all day, old enough to wipe their own butts, put on their own pants ... shouldn't they be old enough to make some decisions?

Kids deserve a little more credit, guys ... as well as the occasional Oreo without needing their parents to sign on the dotted line.

How do you feel about kids making their own decisions at school?


Image via 1989s/shutterstock

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