Pregnant Woman Gets a Ticket for Parking in Spot Reserved for Moms

reserved parking

Asma Nadeem was nine months along in her pregnancy when she decided to use a grocery store parking spot reserved for moms with kids. The result? The store, an Asda in London, slapped her with a $104 ticket since she didn't technically have a kid, at least not yet.


Seriously, Asda? I get that this woman didn't officially fit the "mom" profile quite yet. But I think it's a shame that you're splitting hairs.

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Because think about it: In the same way people on public transportation are encouraged to give up their seat to a pregnant woman, we should also allow these women priority parking. Because she DOES have a child. It may be in her body, but it's there, and a very heavy load. So, she needs a parking spot with a short walk just as much as a mom with kid.

I think it's sad that people even care enough to argue this point. Pregnant women may not be moms, but they're close enough. Given Asda even has parking spots for moms with kids shows they're mom-friendly. Why not go the extra mile and give pregnant women a break as well?

Do you think pregnant women deserve special parking spots?


Image via Cynthia Farmer/shutterstock

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