10 Wackiest Names Pregnant Women Have Given Their Unborn Babies

dad talking to pregnant wife's stomachBefore you even know if it's a he or she, that little fetus likely has a name. Maybe it's something as simple as "Baby," or a little more inventive like "Peanut." Or maybe it's something as wacky as "Hooligan Lil Bird." If you live in Oregon, it very well might be. Ovia, a fertility assistance website, just released the wackiest baby nicknames by state and some of these are just plain crazy.


Thought your nickname was inventive? These funny monikers will blow yours out of the water. Take a look at the 10 nuttiest:

  1. Pork Bun, Pepperoni (Nevada): pregnant ladies all over Nevada are clearly thinking of one thing only -- snack time.
  2. Glam Pizza Bagel (Illinois): well, you can't have a non-glam pizza bagel, we all know this.
  3. Poutine, Ziggy Stardust (New Hampshire): you've got a little bit of food, some David Bowie, and plenty of magic.
  4. Sugalump, Little Youngin' (Mississippi): you can bet this itty bitty baby will be showered with some Southern lovin'.

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  5. Smushface, Whippersnapper (Ohio): aww... little Smushface, what a little bugger!
  6. Sweet Thang, Future President (North Carolina): could they be any more opposite? Let's wait a few more decades and check out if our future President responds to Sweet Thang as well.
  7. Buttkiss, Baby Melon (South Dakota): Baby Melon? Alright. We can dig it. But who came up with Buttkiss? They deserve an award.
  8. Baby Hobbit, Itty Piggy (Arkansas): Yes, who couldn't use some Lord of the Rings references in their baby naming process?
  9. John Wayne, Lil Fatty (Alabama): looks like we have a lot of cowboy fans in 'Bama. And, also, some humorous parents-to-be.
  10. Happy Meal, Lil Bum (Tennessee): some McLovin' is always welcome.

For the rest of the names, and to check out the most popular baby nickname in your state, head on over to Ovia.

What did you nickname your baby?



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