Woman's Rant About Screaming Tot in the Grocery Store Has Moms Hopping Mad (VIDEO)​

kid at grocery store

After witnessing a kid melt down at the grocery store, Kathleen Smith from Tomball, Texas posted a profanity-laced rant online claiming the kid should have been "beaten" ... and while she garnered a few fans, by and large her video won her an arse-whupping herself!


As it should! Moms know it's not fun to listen to listen to a tantrumming toddler while you're just shopping for dinner. But Smith's reaction was worse than any kid meltdown in my book. Check it out below: 

'Scuse me? She wishes the child had a "birth defect"? That the mom should "kill it, give it away, or leave it at home"? Lady, if anyone needs a lesson in manners, it's you.

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And apparently many agree with me. After posting her rant, Smith was slammed so harshly by commentators that she issued not just one, but two video apologies.

And I'm glad, because all moms have been in that situation: We've gotta go shopping to get dinner on the table, kid is cranky and throws a fit at the store, you open some cheddar bunnies or anything to try to get your kid to pipe down, we are so mortified already! So, to have some stranger tell me to beat my kid to keep her in line would push me over the edge.

Moms need a little compassion -- because after all, even if you don't have  kids, everyone was a kid once, and probably threw a fit in the grocery store. I sure hope Smith has learned her lesson.

How do you feel about this video?


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