Sangria in Sippy Cup Lands Tot in Hospital (VIDEO)

kids cupTiffany and Derek Gilliam, along with their 2-year-old daughter Gabriela, went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Asheville, North Carolina, where they live. It was a celebration for Derek's 25th birthday, and baby Gabriela was ready to cheers daddy with some cranberry juice. Only it wasn't cranberry juice -- the server accidentally put sangria in the sippy cup. The 2-year-old immediately began acting sluggish and was kissing everything, and that's when mom and dad realized there was alcohol in her drink.


It was a mistake, of course. The server meant to put cranberry in the sippy cup but somehow put sangria in there instead. Mistakes happen. This we know. But when mistakes happen to a child, the consequences can be deadly. As parents, we all fear eating out with our child. We are faced with many dining obstacles. Will my child sit still long enough for us to enjoy the meal? Will she need a number two diaper change at the exact moment my food arrives? Will she throw food at the table behind us? Is she going to run around the restaurant nearly tripping servers holding scalding hot soup? Will I once again be bathed in ice water because my kid spilled my drink?

Dining out is not for the faint of heart. And now we can add Will my child be served an alcoholic beverage on accident? to that dreadful list. This isn't the first time I have heard of this happening ... and it won't be the last because ... we are human. We make mistakes. Even the server at the local restaurant. Even when it comes to a child.

Before we go into a major panic and swear off eating out ever again (though I have done that after particularly stressful dining experiences with my twins only to try and try again), we have to realize that there are dangers everywhere -- people make mistakes, accidents happen. Maybe, though, we are taking a sip of what's in that sippy cup before our kid drinks it just to make sure.

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Thankfully, Gabriella is doing fine now. She was rushed to the hospital and there was indeed alcohol in her system. Their waitress felt awful about her mistake and it was reported that someone from the restaurant even went to the hospital with the parents and child to make sure everything was okay. After a scary couple of days of being monitored by her parents, Gabriella has recovered.

It may take her parents even longer to want to eat out again.

Do you check what's in your kid's sippy cup before she takes a sip while eating out? Will you now?

Image via D Coetzee/Flickr

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