Hospital Gives Wrong Baby to New Mom in Precious First Hours of Life

baby mixup

Ah, nothing beats that moment after you give birth and get to bond with your baby for the first time ... except when it's not your baby. That's what happened to Australia couple Samantha and Nick Stuhlener at St. Vincent's Private Hospital in Melbourne when nurses accidentally gave them the wrong baby for a full 45 minutes before they corrected the problem.


Um, how did that happen? Well, as the Stuhleners' real son Levi was left in a "settling" room, the new parents were left alongside a different child. Although all involved were wearing the right hospital ID bands, a nurse didn't check them to make sure mom and newborn were a match.

Once staff realized their mistake, the Stuhleners were given their own baby and informed of the mix-up. The hospital has also apologized to the couple, and it seems baby slept the whole time -- no one nursed the wrong baby. Still, the new parents say they feel traumatized by the incident -- and we don't blame them! What should have been a magical moment was essentially ruined.

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While we sympathize with these poor parents, we also think there's a lesson in this story for moms out there who are about to step into the chaos of a maternity ward: Those I.D. bracelets you and your baby are wearing are there for a reason. The nurses should of course check before handing over your bundle of joy, but as an added safety measure, parents should check them, too.

We know, we know: After giving birth, you're exhausted and in a fog, and the last thing you need is one more thing on your checklist. It's no surprise that most parents do not check. But this one's important, guys! It's worth those two seconds to take a look and avoid what this couple went through, don'tcha think?

Hear more details in the video below:

Did you check the bracelets in the hospital? What was the procedure like?


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