School Officials Cancel 'American Pride' Dance Until Kids Set Them Straight

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A school in Massachusetts debated and nearly banned an "American Pride" themed dance for a strange reason: because it was too patriotic. Even though the theme had been voted in by the dance committee, administrators at Lexington High School worried it might offend non-Americans. So they suggested changing the theme to "national pride" so kids could celebrate all nationalities. 


Well, the students at Lexington didn't appreciate this change in their dance's theme, and called it "ridiculous" in interviews with a local TV news station. The TV crew, in turn, started questioning school administrators on their decision, who soon started backpedaling. In the end, the school decided to stick with the original "American pride" theme.

While I think it's good that the school backed down, I also think this never should have been an issue in the first place. Because for one, America is a celebration of all nationalities. We're a melting pot! My daughter, for instance, is your typical American mutt with Scottish, Korean and German roots. But at the end of the day she's an American citizen. And even if she weren't, Lexington High School is on American soil -- in fact, ironically it's the birthplace of the "shot heard 'round the world" which began the Revolutionary War! So, I doubt the odd non-American in attendance would have taken offense to this dance's "patriotic" theme.

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Here's the thing: If we're going to raise critical thinkers, we need to teach kids that embracing one thing -- like American pride, school pride, gay pride, or any kind of pride really -- can be done without putting other things down. After all, gay pride day doesn't put down straight kids, right? It's a totally separate issue, and kids know that.

We're still the land of the free, at least in theory. So, let's give kids a little credit, and let them express that they're proud to be Americans.

How do you feel about schools discouraging patriotism in kids?


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