Uncle Wears Princess Gown to the Movies to Make His 4-Year-Old Niece Happy (PHOTO)

What does it take to get a grown man to wear a princess dress out to a very public movie theater on a Sunday night? Why, a niece in need, of course! And we bet that pair of big puppy eyes didn't hurt either. One little girl in Alabama convinced her very muscle-y, very confident uncle, Jesse Frank Nagy, to wear a princess gown to the movies to give her the confidence she needed to wear her own ballgown to the movies.


Apparently 4-year-old Izzy was feeling too shy to go it alone, so her uncle offered to don his own princess duds.

Alright, let's say it together: AWWW. Jesse Nagy captioned one of the photos on his Facebook "Sometimes you just have to be a princess. Going to see Cinderella!! Uncle of the year." You got it, dude. Uncle of the century

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Somehow Uncle Jesse (that name's too perfect to ignore) wrangled up an adult-man-sized strapless, glittery dress and fit his body inside of it. He paired the look with a sparkly red purse, a tiara, and his trusty flip-flops. Think this could be the look for Oscars 2016?

But seriously -- how amazing is it when someone else loves your kids enough to do something like this? Sure, he got Internet famous basically overnight (on Facebook he said, "Within 3 hours I had more publicity then my 5 years of professional acting") but you know that's not why he did this. He did it because he loves that little girl. And just look at her face! She loves him back even more.

Kids need more of that -- more love!

We want everyone to feel comfortable wearing what they love in public, and we're so glad someone is teaching this little girl that sometimes being a little weird is the best way to go. 

Some people are already joking that they want Uncle Jesse to be the next Bachelor. But, guys? No joke. We'd love that.

Has anyone ever done anything like this for your kids?


Images via Jesse Frank Nagy/Facebook

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