Mom Holds Screaming Little Girl Down While She Gets Her Ears Pierced (VIDEO)

Have you had your child's ears pierced? If you have, you likely know the inevitable arguments and pleading. And if you haven't, now's the time to learn that there's a right and a very wrong way to handle it. One mom in Chicago has generated a lot of heat after a video came out of her holding her young daughter down as she's getting her ears pierced.


The young girl cries, wails, and attempts to get away from the chair. Finally, the exasperated mother just sits down with her daughter, holds her head down, and demands the shop worker just go ahead and get it done.

The piercer originally posted the clip to Facebook, but it seems to have ben taken down. It's still hosted on YouTube and multiple local news media outlets have reported on the controversial video. Take a look at the clip:

We don't know what happened before the video started, and what ultimately led up to this point, so it's really hard to weigh in on this particular family and their particular situation.

But we can all be reminded that not every single little kid is ready for this type of experience.

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Sure, it might not be a great deal of pain (it's no Hallie/Annie moment in The Parent Trap), but it doesn't mean that that's enough of a convincing argument to get them to do it. It's not a milestone that comes at any one specific age. And a parent's readiness does not equate to a child's. Yes, kids need their parent's permission, but if they're not gung ho about it, that should be a telling sign -- you could end up at the piercer's with a kid who is not happy to be there ... and a very awkward situation on your hands.

Of course, some kids are just dramatic, and as their parents, we know that. We know their carrying on is not really a good indication of the level of discomfort they are in.

But ear piercing, with the pain and the permanence it carries, is one of those situations we as parents have to really think through. Are our kids truly ready for this? Maturity wise? Can they handle sitting still? Will they recognize the glory that comes with the pain? Are they going to be able to handle the uncomfortable aftermath of daily turning and cleaning until a new piercing is fully healed?

Whether you believe that it shouldn't be done until X-age, or strongly think that it's a right of passage that happens when they reach another certain milestone, the piercing age isn't just about you. It's about knowing your child, their feelings, and their maturity level too. If they're squirming and begging to stop, that probably means you should put it off ... no matter how cute you think it will look.

They are, after all, their ears.

How did you handle ear piercing for your children?


Image via BetterUpMedia/YouTube


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