Don't Like Public Breastfeeding? Keep It to Yourself or You Could Be Fined

mom breastfeeding baby in public

Still spooked out about breastfeeding in public or seeing other moms nursing their babies? It might be time to end that taboo thought, because one city is taking great lengths to ensure baby's feeding time remains undisturbed. Sao Paulo, Brazil is looking to fine people who discriminate against breastfeeding moms.


That's right. Can't handle the boob? Pay your fine.

It's liquid gold. It's the best thing you can feed your newborn. And it's a way to bond Mom and baby. Plus, it makes for smarter kids, no matter how economically successful Mom might be.

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The fact is, breast is best. And the Brazilian city is making sure that moms aren't pressured, criticized, or shamed when they choose to feed their child in public. The new law, which is expected to be signed next week, will fine people and organizations who attempt to ban public breastfeeding a fine of about $150.

Just can't keep your mouth shut? Better pay up, and soon.

Seems great and all, right? Moms and their babies can finally experience lunch time in peace, without the incessant squeamishness of neighbors. But how sad is it that we have to be at this point?

It's quite possibly one of the most natural things women can do, and most often the very first thing moms can do with their babies, but there are still people who complain and reject its value and presence.

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But it's just a little disappointing that the only way to teach people to stop complaining is by making them pay a punishing fine. But, hey, if it works, we might be all the better for it.

Do you think people should be shamed for shaming breastfeeding moms?


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