​School Airbrushes Freckles, Pimples & Other 'Imperfections' Out of Students' Class Photos

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Students at Daylesford Secondary School in Australia were outraged recently when they discovered that administrators had altered their school photos: Not only were piercings removed, but acne, freckles, unibrows and even noses were "fixed."


The school has since issued an apology and offered families their original photos for free. But the damage is already done. These alterations said loud and clear: Ugh, your face needs some upgrades. Way to give kids a complex!

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All I can say is if my school "fixed" my daughter's nose -- particularly without my permission -- I'd hit the roof. Because every mom thinks their kids are beautiful -- big nose, zits, unibrow and all! So, this school is not only violating a kid's self-image, but marring parents' perspectives on their kids as perfect just the way they are.

In fact, even if my daughter had a huge honking zit on picture day, I wouldn't want that removed either, and here's why: Kids get zits. It's a part of life! So by airbrushing out these flaws we subtly suggest that these imperfecions are not normal when they totally are. They're kids!

My first-grade photo shows me with a huge sty on my eye, and they definitely didn't fix that. And oddly, when I look at that photo today it seems sweet and funny and REAL. Kids aren't perfect, not by a long shot. So let's not start pretending they are.

How would you feel if your school "fixed" photos of your kids?


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