​'Mommy & Me' Pole-Dancing: This Family Is Doing It, Would You?

pole dancingMost moms and grandmothers would agree that they want to see their little loved ones getting plenty of exercise while building muscles as well as agility. But one mother-daughter duo in Quebec, Canada has come under fire for getting 3-year-old Leanna Parent involved in their favorite pastime: pole dancing


That's right, the tiny tot is literally head over heels with excitement about the activity commonly associated with strippers. And now her mom and grandmother, who runs two pole dancing schools, are being told they're making a mistake in allowing the girl to imitate their moves because she's too young to understand the "sexual overtones." 

But Grammy maintains it's wonderful to have an exercise/art form that all three generations can share. Both she and her daughter also insist it's very similar to gymnastics, which brings us to the obvious question: Why not just enroll the child in that or ballet or another age-appropriate enrichment activity?

It might be nice for Leanna to have the opportunity to make friends or interact with her peers at those classes. Imagine the grief this grandma might get if she started a "Pole Dancing for Tots" class! 

We get that this family loves shimmying up and down the pole together, but really, when you think of this, er, sport, doesn't your mind sort of go in the direction of lecherous men tossing dollars bills on a stage? You almost can't help it, and that's what makes this whole thing seem kind of odd, right?

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But on the other hand you can ask: How is this activity that much different from a kid climbing up and down the monkey bars at a playground or sliding down those firefighter-style poles?

Also, just because the bar is vertical, rather than horizontal as it would be in ballet, does that make it inherently naughty? It shouldn't. Maybe this girl will choose to be a gymnast, ballerina, or circus performer with the moves she's mastering at such a young age. Clearly, her mom and grandma aren't grooming her for a life of dancing for dollars.

But still, when Leanna's old enough to put it all together and realize she has this great "skill," you have to wonder if she'll consider her other career option ...

Would you encourage your child to pole dance or seek out more traditional activities? 

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