Boy Wears Corset to School & Shows He's More of a 'Man' Than Anyone There​​ (VIDEO)

boy wearing corset

A school in Lee's Summit, Missouri is getting flack for forcing a boy named Morgan Ball to change his outfit -- which included a corset, shawl, necklace, jewelry and one glove. The reason? It was "distracting" to the school's learning environment.


What's more, the school's administrator's allegedly asked the teenager -- who is gay -- if he had "gender identity issues" when he was called into the office to discuss his outfit, leaving the teen in tears.

Morgan initially changed out of his clothes, but later decided to put the items back on, since they didn't violate the school's dress code. Nonetheless, the damage was done: Morgan was upset -- and friends and family are outraged on his behalf. Check out the video below for more details: 

Fine, so maybe Morgan's outfit was "distracting" as the school says.

But hey, if kids are distracted, that's not his fault! That's like blaming girls for getting cat-called when they wear a mini skirt; give me a break.

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Instead, I think the "distracted" students should have been taught a valuable lesson on tolerance. Kids have a right to dress however they want without getting harassed -- by students or their teachers. Talk about a missed opportunity.

How do you feel about a boy wearing an outfit like this to school?


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