3 Stickers You've Probably Got on Your Car Right Now That Are Putting Your Kids in Danger

family carJust the thought of home invasions and kidnapping give us the chills because we don't like people invading our private spaces and we DON'T like people messing with our families. But did you ever consider that you might be sharing key information with criminals in really public places ... like on the bumper of your car?


Former CIA officer and security expert Jason Hanson told Rachel Ray that all those bumper stickers you have bragging about your kids could actually be putting them in a lot of danger.

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So what are the culprits? Here are the ones Hanson talked about in the interview:

  1. Honor student stickers. Not only are these stickers giving the approximate ages of your kids, they're also telling a potential kidnapper exactly where they go to school. That means that kidnappers know when and where to find your kids without you around.
  2. Stick figure families. We knew they were annoying ... but dangerous, too? It make sense if you think about it. You're telling everyone how many kids you have, their ages, and sometimes even their names. Plus, they'll give clues to what your and your spouse's jobs are and things like whether or not your kids have football practice after school. 
  3. Parking passes. You obviously need these so you can't run out and scrape them off your car. But again, they're potentially giving away sensitive information like where you live or where you work or where else criminals can find you around town.

And those are just the most common ones! Think about all the information people share on the back of their cars. You can easily find out how someone votes, where they go on vacation, how many motorcycles they have, whether or not they like Jesus, etc, etc.

Freaked? Us, too. Check out the clip from Rachael Ray for more info:

Yeesh. It's starting to feel like we can't win. And I guess we probably can't.

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There are a million and two ways that a potential attacker could get information about you and your family, but what's scary about this bumper sticker revelation is that we're basically handing it to them on a platter.

Doesn't it make you wonder what else you could be doing wrong?

Do you have any of these bumper stickers on your car?


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