Parents Melt Down When Weird, Fake Cheese Product Gets 'Kids Nutrition Seal of Approval'​​

cheese singles

You'll never guess which food has received the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics's first "Kids Nutrition Seal": Kraft singles. That's right, the cheese that isn't cheese, but "cheese product" and chock full of preservatives and other questionable ingredients. Er, was that really the best they could do? Why didn't they pick Cheerios? or string cheese (which is at least real cheese)?


Granted, the academy has denied that their seal is an "endorsement" of Kraft singles, saying it merely means that Kraft is a "proud supporter" of (translation: gushes money at) their "Kids Eat Right" program, which promotes healthy eating in families. Still, experts are concerned that parents will still be misled into pushing this not-so-healthy product on their kids.

Well, the good news is, parents don't seem fooled one bit. Comments online range from skeptical to angry to incredulous. 

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"I don't think I've ever said 'smh' [shake my head] before but this warrants my first use," said one commentator on Twitter. On Facebook, comments included, "Not that I had any stock in the 'kids eat right' label, but now it's clear the label means nothing," while another joked, "Next up, Ketchup as an approved vegetable."

For the better part of the last decade, parents have been getting raked over the coals for letting childhood obesity get out of hand. But if this parental backlash against this new "seal" suggests anything, it's that parents aren't as clueless or blasé about kid nutrition as they're often portrayed to be. And that's a fantastic silver lining.

How do you feel about Kraft singles getting this "nutrition seal"?


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