Breastfed Babies Are Smarter & It's Not Because Mom's Rich

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We've long heard that breast milk is "liquid gold" and that "breast is best," but now we have a study to prove it. After concluding a nearly 30-year study with about 3,500 babies, researchers found that those children who were breastfed for longer periods of time actually had higher IQs as adults.


Scientists have long linked breast milk to IQ, but this study has something that none of the previous ones have been able to determine.

Study authors, who followed these subjects from infancy to adulthood, found that the higher IQ values applied to babies in all walks of life.

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In fact, it stands true for babies across all social classes. It's not just something that applies to the wealthy population, but actually, all babies.

Babies, on the whole, are now being breastfed more and more. Mothers from all income levels have grown to depend on nursing and babies are seeing a direct influence. That seemingly minor indicator is what really makes this study stand out -- it's more accurate because it accounts for mom's education level, income, and household makeup. All are important factors.

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But to really see the full potential effects of breast milk, there is a magic number: six months. While the babies who were studied were breastfed for anywhere from one month to longer than one year, the facts are evident. The longer the breastfeeding, the smarter the baby, and ultimately, the more they would earn as an adult, and the more education they would pursue.

And those are all great reasons to go the breastfeeding route. Your genius baby will thank you later.

What do you think of this latest breastfeeding study?



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