Dad Takes 9-Month-Old Surfing Without a Life Jacket & Catches It All on Video

baby surfer

At what age can kids learn how to surf: 12, 14 years? Welp, according to surfer Jorge Tirado, 9 months is old enough. This dad recently took his baby surfing on a boogie board, and the videotape of their adventure is both beautiful and nerve-wracking to behold.


At first, the baby seems a little freaked out by the waves crashing over him ... but by the end, he's smiling. So, I guess all's well that ends well, right? Check it out yourself below:

When I first saw this video, I fully admit it made me a little nervous that that baby was not wearing a life vest! The ocean is an unpredictable place; I'd never have let my husband take my daughter out there at such a young age; it just seems too dangerous.

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As as you might expect, this dad is getting a lot of hate for taking his baby surfing. But I think the thing we all need to remember is this: A YouTube vid (or a Vimeo in this case) doesn't show the whole story. Who knows how much dad has done to keep his kiddo safe behind the scenes? Who knows, maybe he is wearing a life vest and we just can't see it, or is strapped to the dad, or has some other precautionary measures in place that's just not obvious to the average observer.

Plus, as parents, we all do things that other parents would question if they only knew half the story. For instance, one time my baby crawled into a friend's cat carrier case, and my friend got such a kick out of it, she shut the door and snapped a photo. We let our baby out, immediately, and she never blinked an eye. But when I think of the flack I would have gotten had I posted that photo online? Oy vey, I shudder.

So I say give this surfer dad a break and trust that he wouldn't put his own baby in harm's way.

How do you feel about a 9-month-old surfing?


Image via jorge tirado/vimeo

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