​10-Year-Old Who Lived a Past Life Shares Proof He Was a '30s Movie Star

ryan reincarnation Kids have vivid imaginations, but Ryan is different. Now 10, Ryan claims he was reincarnated, and even knows who he was in a past life: a Hollywood extra named Marty Martyn, who died in 1964. I know, it sounds weird … and the more you hear about Ryan's story, the weirder it gets.


At the age of five, Ryan told his mom Cyndi, "I used to be someone else." He recounted living in Hollywood, meeting Rita Hayworth, and other details that prompted his mother to show him some books to help him make sense of these memories.

Then one day while perusing a book showing a photo from the 1932 movie Night After Night starring Mae West, something clicked.

"That's me," Ryan said, pointing to an extra in the photo named Marty Martyn. Check out more details in his TODAY interview below:

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Cyndi sought the expertise of Jim Tucker, MD, a Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. For the past two decades, he's documented 2,500 children's claims to past lives.

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Through research that was not available online where Ryan could access it, Tucker was able to confirm 55 details the boy had given about Marty's life, like the street on which he'd grown up, how many times he'd married, how many kids he had, and his age when he died.

Now, it'll take more than a lot of creepy coincidences to convert me into a believer of reincarnation. All that said, if my kid were spouting stuff like this, I would not brush it off, either. I'd take her seriously, and look into it. Because even if it probably isn't real, if it's real to my kid, I'm going to get to the bottom of it!

So even if your child's insisting that something wildly improbably is real, that doesn't give you the license to just laugh it off, folks. No matter how crazy the claims, kids need to be heard.

Do you believe in reincarnation?


Image via Jake Whitman/TODAY


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