Mom Looking for Her Baby's Daddy: Can You Help?

bianca fazey

Hey, anyone know a 20-something guy named Jeremy in Morley, Australia? Then you've got big news for him: He's a dad! At least, that's the gist according to Bianca Fazey, 25, who had a one-night stand with him, got pregnant, and recently gave birth to a baby boy. Only since she doesn't know Jeremy's last name or any way to reach him, she posted an ad on the classifieds website Gumtree, hoping the news would find its way to him.


Talk about a surprise! Well, for what it's worth, the mom was surprised, too. After being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, she was told she'd never get pregnant. Yet after hooking up with Jeremy in Perth, Australia, she was astonished to find out she was expecting.

Figuring Jeremy might like to know, Bianca tried to track him down for five months but, coming up empty, decided to post an ad as a last-ditch effort, below:

gumtree ad dad

Fine, I'll admit that telling a guy he's a dad in a classified ad is hardly ideal. Still, let's get real: life happens! Which is why I'm annoyed by how this mom is getting slammed and called a sl** while the guy remains blissfully ignorant or at least in hiding: isn't he half-responsible?

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And besides, not telling a guy he's a dad seems much worse. Think about it: If your offspring were running around out there, wouldn't you want to know?

That's why I find something brave in this mom's dogged determination to fill the guy in. I think a lot of moms in this woman's situation would say "as a new mom I can't be bothered" or "I don't want this guy involved, I barely know him." But here she is, giving him a chance. If the guy doesn't want to be a part of his kid's life, then fine, but hey, at least he knows!

How do you feel about this mom's efforts to reach the dad?


Image via befazed/Instagram; Gumtree/Mirror

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