Picture of Military Mom Breastfeeding In Uniform Is Empowering (PHOTO)​

breastfeeding air force mom

Breastfeeding photos are empowering. They are reminders of support from women all around the world. And seeing a military mom breastfeeding her baby while in uniform is an even greater reminder of the sacrifices some of us make for our country and our children. Meet Jonea Cunico, Air Force Reserve mom, who was photographed with her son by the very talented Jade Beall.


On her Facebook page, Jade Beall Photography (she's also the woman behind The Beautiful Body Project), Jade shared this image with an incredible quote from Jonea.

jade beall photography breastfeeding military mom

Jonea said:

One of the many reasons why I love your work is that you show what ALL different kinds of women look like after they have carried and birthed their babies. Our society thinks that you have to be over weight to struggle with body image. I've been called a stick, bag of bones, anorexic, and more.. I have always been thin. By the time my son was 5 months old people would tell me that it didn't even look like I had carried a child. This hurt me deeply. I didn't want anyone to think I hadn't had the chance to experience something so sacred. I felt almost ashamed that, fully clothed, someone wouldn't know that I was a mother. I started to feel like I didn't have "a mother's body" because it didn't look like what some had expected. But underneath it all my body displays fierce marks of the stretching it endured. I'm proud of my body, whatever shape it may be.  I know there will be people who don't agree with me nursing in uniform. There are no regulations forbidding me to do so. I am a mother. Both inside and outside of my uniform. Breastfeeding is part of motherhood for me.

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I feel inspired. I feel the urge to make sure ALL women know they are beautiful, that ALL mothers know that we can be a tribe, we can ALL be in this together, this village of parenthood. And this includes breastfeeding moms, formula feeding moms, all moms doing the best they can for their children, for their family, and in Jonea's case for our country.

Some wondered if this photo was controversial and if a mother should be breastfeeding while in uniform. Jonea said, "There are no regulations forbidding me to do so. I am a mother. Both inside and outside of my uniform." And that she is. I love how she isn't afraid to be all that she is. And we should all applaud that.

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Jade called Jonea her "muse and heroine" and I know that rings true to all of us. Jonea, thank you for your service. You are a beautiful soul inside and out, and your contributions in this life are so great. You are fierce. You are a hero. You are an inspiration.

Jonea also told Jade that she was contacted by the Air Force who let her know that they see nothing wrong with this gorgeous photo -- they support women breastfeeding in uniform. And why shouldn't they? This is one snapshot of Jonea's life. We should all be proud that she is an American and a mother.

What do you think of Jade's photo and the fact that Jonea is breastfeeding in uniform?


Photo courtesy of Jade Beall

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