New Paleo Diet Cookbook for Babies: All the Cool 3 Month Olds Are Doing It!

baby bottleIt's been a long time since someone said something was better than breastmilk -- the last time was when formula was invented and they were wrong (and wrong with an agenda). But it's happened again and this time it's Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans touting that babies should go Paleo and drink bone broth out of their baba instead of mama's milk.


Okay here's the thing. We all know breast is best. Everyone seems to know this except Pete. And we also know that not everyone can breastfeed, which is why we have formula, which is much better than it was all those years ago it was first invented, but that's not to say it can't be better. Still, there are moms who think formula is a bad word -- four-letter word kind of bad. And so they go the DIY route and attempt to nourish baby without breastmilk, without formula, and with some recipe someone said was good for babies.

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A little risky? Yes. When it comes to the health of babies, you can't make guesses that aren't backed up with facts.

Pete newest cookbook Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way gives parents recipes for Paleo-ing their babies and Australia's Federal Health Department isn't happy with it's upcoming release. They feel his recipes are dangerous. Australia's Public Health Association spokesperson Heather Yeatman said on the cookbook:

There appears to be recommendations not to use either breast milk or an approved infant formula, but to provide other foods to infants under six months of age, and that really is a big health risk.

In my view, there’s a very real possibility that a baby may die if this book goes ahead.

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I did a little digging on Pete and learned that a couple of years ago, he said that our diets are to blame for the rise in autism. Doctors and autism researchers refuted his claim and one doctor made sure to make the distinction that a diet doesn't cause autism, but a diet could improve a child with autism's symptoms if that child had gastrointestinal issues.

Pete's book does have a disclaimer saying his recipes "may cause negative health consequences" and I'm sorry but that's just not something I want to risk when it comes to the health of my baby. I'm all for do-it-yourself and finding better options, but if parents are going to make their own formula, it should be well researched and approved by a doctor. Some things just aren't suited for DIY without a certified medical practitioner guiding you ... because your baby's health comes first. Also, nothing beats breastmilk. Not even bone broth.

What do you think of this cookbook's bone broth formula suggestion?

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