Little Boy Receives Postcard From His Dad Two Years After His Death


Get your hankies out, ladies: Due to a post office glitch we'll actually forgive this once, a little boy in Littleton, Colorado named Rowan Torrez has just received a postcard from his dad -- who died two years ago. Tearing up yet?


Rowan's dad, Joseph, was determined to give his son and wife, Julie Van Stone, the best life possible. So he joined the Navy and attended MIT in Boston to get two masters degrees. But Joseph wrote home often, and occasionally sent postcards.

Two years ago, Joseph died from a rare brain disease. Now, to keep his memory alive, Rowan and Julie often pour through his old photos, letters -- all of which have become cherished mementos of their time together. Yet just days before the second anniversary of Joseph's death, Rowan received a postcard his father had sent nearly eight years ago that had been lost in the mail, but had somehow finally found its way home. See more of this story below:

So sweet, so sad! You've gotta wonder how the letter finally got to its final destination. But Rowan's theory sure hits home: that it was his dad's way of saying one final goodbye. 

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While I, as a mom, cringe at the thought of what life will be like for my daughter once I'm gone, it's nice to be reminded of the fact that it's the little things our kids will treasure -- a hand-written note in their lunchbox, a simple postcard -- not their Barbie castle or Sony PlayStation.

Kids may seem materialistic, but when it comes down to it, they're just as soft and sentimental as we are. That's a good thing to remember the next time they're clamoring for some toy they see on TV.

What little things does your child cherish from the past?


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