​Plane Makes Emergency Landing So Mom Can Give Birth ​

plane landing

It's every pregnant woman's worst nightmare: going into labor on a plane. Yet Minnesota mom Shaniqua Cherry wasn't due to give birth until late March, so she figured it was safe to board an American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta. Sorry, no such luck!


Cherry says her contractions began as the plane took off. Forty minutes later, her water broke. So she woke her boyfriend, Hassan Lulu, who notified the flight attendants, who went on the intercom to ask if there was a doctor on board. No one stepped forward.

Next, the attendants announced they'd be making an emergency landing in Greensboro, North Carolina. Ten minutes later, the plane landed, with an ambulance waiting. It wasn't a moment too soon: on the side of the road en route to the hospital, Cherry gave birth to a 7-pound girl, Nyla Lulu.

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So, all's well that ends well! But what I take from this story is that you never know when you'll go into labor ... then again, you can't just put life on hold around your due date. Sure, sometimes people will be inconvenienced, and you know what you say to them? YOUR MOM went into labor once too, and you certainly didn't wait around until it was a convenient time to come out!

So go ahead and live your lives, ladies. Labor may not wait, but then again your life shoudn't have to wait around, either.

Would you fly around your due date?


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