Kids' Amazing Rescue of Baby Brother From Hands of a Kidnapper Caught on Tape (VIDEO)​

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Can kids stop a kidnapping? Yes they can, according to recent abduction attempt in Sprague, Washington. Owen Wright, just 22 months, was playing unsupervised in a park with his 10-year-old brother Brenden and 8-year-old sister Delicia when a stranger grabbed Owen and ran off. Brendan and Delicia ran after the guy, calling for help.


A grocery store surveillance camera caught the kidnapper running with Owen in his arms, and Owen's siblings hot on their tail. Check it out below:

The kids' cries were heard by several witnesses, who joined in on the chase. Eventually the kidnapper dropped Owen unharmed and ran off -- and he's still on the loose, which is frightening. Still, to me, this story leaves me feeling more hopeful than horrified. Why? Because it shows siblings sticking up for each other!

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And I think that's something that we as parents can and should foster in our kids -- a sense that siblings should stick together, and have each other's backs. Part of raising a strong family unit is being willing to fight each others' battles, and not just with kidnappers but bullies, too.

Way to go, Brendan and Delicia. Thanks for showing us how siblings can save the day!

How well do your kids look after each other?


Image via Associated Press/YouTube

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