Seeing Children With Disabilities Through Our Kids' Eyes Would Make the World a Better Place (VIDEO)​​

THE EYES OF A CHILD // Noémi Association

Would you mock the facial ticks of the disabled? No way. Young kids, though, have no qualms doing so. That, at least, is what a recent commercial called "The Eyes of a Child" by the Noemi Association revealed in an experiment that hopes to change people's perceptions of the disabled.


In this experiment, adults and kids were asked to copy the silly facial expressions of people they saw on screen. Both parents and kids gamely rolled with the plan, until up on screen popped a disabled kid who, well, couldn't help but make goofy faces.

At this point, the adults stopped mimicking what they saw. The kids, though, kept on aping the facial expressions they saw on screen. They didn't care that it was a disabled kid, or may have not even been aware of this fact. See for yourself in the video below:

This is definitely an interesting and touching way to highlight how adults treat the disabled with kid gloves, while kids treat them like anyone else! Parents could learn a ton about how to talk about disabilities from the innocent and un-PC perspective of their kids.

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That said, if my kid started mocking the behavior of a special needs kid, I'd definitely tell them to stop! We should definitely talk to our kids about not being a bully ... but also talk to them about treating disabled kids as just kids.

In other words: don't encourage your kids to be nice to the disabled just because they have special needs, or pat yourself on the back for setting up a play date with them. These gestures shouldn't come from a place of charity, but just the sheer fact that special needs kids are well worth getting to know -- period.

Image via The eyes of a child/YouTube

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