Stranger Who Defends Breastfeeding Mom on Airplane Is Our Latest Crush

breastfeeding babyIt's hard to believe in this modern day that there are still people that get so offended by breastfeeding, and believe it's their right to tell mothers to cover up. But it happened again, this time when a flight attendant threw a blanket at a nursing mom and demanded that she use it.


It happened to Kristen Hilderman, a Vancouver mom who was on her way home with her family after vacationing in Costa Rica. She was breastfeeding her 5-month-old son on board United Airlines Flight 438 when an overbearing and completely rude steward intervened to demand that she cover up her baby.

Hilderman took to Twitter on March 9 to describe the incident:

"A male flight attendant named Keith walked up to our row and said to my husband (loudly, so that everyone around could here ), 'Are you two together?'" she wrote.

Side note: The fact that he did not address Hilderman directly says a lot about his level of respect for women, does it not?

Anyway, when her husband replied in the affirmative, the attendant apparently threw a blanket at him and demanded, "Then HERE, help her out."

Whoa. She then asked twice how exactly she as supposed to use it, but he ignored her. She wrote that she had a blanket on her knees and another under her arm to help prop up her hungry child, and was wearing a nursing tank top. It's not like she was topless!

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Even though she wrote that she was completely embarrassed by the incident, it seems as though a lot of people around her were totally supportive. One man from a couple rows back even shouted out, "Because you're breastfeeding ... he wants you to cover up. That is so offensive. I have a 7-month-old baby and if that happened ... I would be so offended."

Is he our new man crush or what? He didn't have to say a word, and it's understandably an uncomfortable situation for a lot of men to deal with, but he totally went out on a limb and defended her!

Hilderman also wrote that several other passengers were "stunned," and a few even approached her to express their opinions that the attendant had been completely out of line.

Jennifer Dohm, a spokeswoman for United Airlines, said that they reached out to Hilderman on Monday night on Twitter, and that they "look forward to speaking more with her and to our crew member to understand what happened."

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In an email, Dohm wrote, "On our general approach to breast feeding, we welcome nursing mothers on board and we ask that crew members do their best to ensure their comfort and safety as they do with all customers ... We also ask nursing mothers and passengers seated near them to be mindful of one another's space and comfort."

Well it doesn't look as though anyone was upset by her breastfeeding except the flight attendant, who ended up upsetting everyone. Maybe they should have some internal training on how to "be mindful of one another's space and comfort."

How would you respond if this happened to you or a nursing mother near you?


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