Important 'Teething Necklace' Warning for Moms

amber teething necklace

Talk about the scare of your life: Australian mom Ashleigh Ferguson put her daughter Ellie down for a nap, came back later to find the 21-month-old unresponsive. The reason? The toddler's amber teething necklace had nearly strangled her. Yikes!


Amber teething necklaces are all the rage these days as a natural cure for teething, and while their effectiveness is debated by scientists, many moms swear by them ... and hey, whatever keeps your baby from screaming like a banshee as his teeth come in is fine by us! 

Still, for poor little Ellie, any relief she got from her teething pain was clearly eclipsed come nap time, when she managed to twist the necklace around her neck so much that it cut off her air supply.

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When Ashleigh came in to wake her daughter, she was alarmed to find her unconscious and the necklace pressed into her neck. Once she unwound it, Ellie started to rouse, and has thankfully been fine ever since.

Shaken by this incident, Ashleigh posted a warning on Facebook for other moms, which has been shared over 60,000 times. The mom also pointed out that her daughter's necklace was high-quality Baltic amber and the correct size, but that even this did not keep her daughter safe.

In spite of warnings from experts that teething necklaces should only be worn with adult supervision, many parents leave them on at night since, well, teething pain can strike anytime, and who wants to deal with a teething baby at 3 a.m.? Still, what this story proves is that it's not worth the risk. Come bedtime, the fewer teething accessories your baby wears the better.

How do you feel about teething necklaces for babies?


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