​Mom Gives Birth in 2 Minutes Flat -- What's Her Secret?!

Mary Gorgens

Some moms just have all the luck. Like Mary Gorgens -- a mom who gave birth to her baby in two minutes. No, I don't mean hours of pain then two minutes of pushing. I mean nothing until two minutes then, well, HELLO BABY!



And this wasn't the first quickie birth Gorgens has had! This 35-year-old mother of five in Sydney has never been in labor for more than two hours. Two minutes, though, is her own personal record.

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How it happened: Gorgens got up early in the morning to use the bathroom, but got more than she bargained for when she started feeling her son's head coming out. Waddling back to bed, she woke her husband, who took a pee break himself, assuming he had time to at least empty his bladder before lending a hand ... only when he returned a few minutes later his wife had already delivered their baby.

All I can say is I'm insanely jealous! My labor was long, painful, and turned me into a blubbering pansy (at least before my epidural kicked in). If birth were this easy, though, I'd probably be tempted to pop out a couple more kids. Hmmm, maybe a long, hard labor is nature's way of keeping the world's population in check ... except when it comes to lucky gals like Gorgens. Is it any wonder why she has five kids?

I'm dying to know this mom's secret. Is it a certain food she eats, or all in the genes? Whatever may be the cause, sign me up.

How long and hard was your birth?


Image via mrsg2004/Instagram

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