​5 Reasons Girls Do Better in School Than Boys

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Watch out, boys: Even though boys have outperformed girls in school for centuries, the tables have turned. According to a new study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), girls now do better at school than boys.


According to this study comparing 15-year-old boys and girls on various academic standards, boys were 50 percent more likely than girls to fall short. Here are the reasons:

Girls read more. And since reading is the foundation on which all other learning is built, female bookworms have a definite edge over book-averse boys.

Girls spend more time on homework. Girls spend an average of 5 1/2 hours per week on their studies; boys less than 4 1/2.

Girls waste less time online. Research shows that boys spend more time online than girls, and are 17 percent more likely to play online video games.

Boys think they're too cool for school. And that means they're more likely to cause trouble in class.

Teachers are biased against boys. Boys aren't entirely to blame for being behind girls. In tests where teachers don't know the gender of the students they're marking, the "reading gap" diminishes by one third, suggesting that teachers grade boys more harshly, just because they're boys! 

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So sure, if boys want to keep up with the girls at school, they should spend more time reading and doing their homework rather than playing World of Warcraft. But teachers and parents need to examine their prejudices too, and make sure they're giving boys and girls an equal chance to excel. 

Here's a video with more details about this fascinating study:

What do you think is the main reason girls do better than boys at school?


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