​Sex 6 Weeks After Baby? Not So Fast

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Childbirth can throw a wrench in your sex life, yet most docs say moms can get back on the horse, so to speak, in about six weeks. Well, a new study suggests that sexual problems may persist twice as long as docs typically think. So if getting busy with your husband still isn't feeling great, rest assured it's entirely normal!


According to the study, researchers at Cairo University in Egypt surveyed 200 women at six and 12 weeks after giving birth. At six weeks, 43 percent of the women noticed that sex felt different, with 70 percent reporting pain and 30 percent feeling just too tired to fully enjoy it.

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Yet here's where things get interesting: While doctors' conventional wisdom says that moms should be able to happily heat things up between the sheets after six weeks, women in this study were just as likely to report sexual problems at 12 weeks. In other words, doctors have been encouraging poor moms to jump the gun before many felt ready!

What's more, this study found that the risk of encountering sexual problems were similar regardless of the method of delivery -- vaginally or by C-section. So, if sex is still a struggle postpartum, there's no need to blame how your baby came into this world.

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But the bigger take-home lesson is this: Moms, don't fret if your love life hasn't bounced back to normal in the conventionally allotted time frame of six weeks. If you're still not feeling it at 12 weeks, you've got plenty of company. So don't feel pressured to rush it unless you truly feel ready!

How long did you hold off on sex after pregnancy?


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