Model Flaunts Her Baby Bump But It's Just Not Big Enough for Some People (PHOTO)

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Model Sarah Stage is eight months pregnant ... only you'd never know it, because this 30-year-old model's baby "bump" is, well, barely detectable. As a result, people have started attacking this pregnant model for being too skinny.


On Instagram where Sarah has been documenting her pregnancy with various pics, comments range from ""She needs to feed that baby instead of worrying how to keep her figure" to, simply, "WTF." Yet other commentators applauded her body, and admitted that they were jealous (heck, I sure was).

In response, the model posted this retort:


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Well said, Sarah! Because while she does look crazy skinny for being eight months along, as long as her doctors aren't concerned, then we shouldn't be, either.

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After all, all women carry pregnancy differently. I sure wish I looked like Sarah while pregnant (or looked like her period), but no such luck for me, or most of humanity for that matter.

Still, whether a pregnant woman ends up skinny or big, what right do any of us have to judge how she looks pregnant? Any concerns about a pregnant woman's weight should be between her and her doctor. What good does it do any of us to judge another woman's pregnant body? Nada! It just spreads bad vibes. 

Here's to hoping that Sarah's critics will lay off and let this woman enjoy the last few weeks of her pregnancy in peace.

How did you feel about the weight you gained while pregnant?


Image via sarahstage/Instagram

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