Funny New 'Realistic Barbie' Commercial Inspires Girls to Love Their Flaws (VIDEO)

lammily barbie commercial videoEven Barbie would find it difficult to keep her head up while constantly being bombarded by ads and messages on social media suggesting she isn't good enough. That's the premise behind #DoYou, a viral video that shows what happens when a doll named Lammily expresses her excitement about going to Miami, but is then faced with images of ideal beauty that threaten to erode her confidence.


Almost immediately after sending someone a message about how thrilled she is to get on the beach, the brunette doll notices something very interesting on Facebook. Her mom's sweet post about being proud of her daughter gets three "likes." A post from a blonde Barbie showing off her bikini? Hundreds of "likes" and comments from creepy Ken's about how, if she were a fruit, she'd be one "fineapple."

Lammily sees advertisements for "sexy" knee socks modeled by naked dolls, tons of weight loss ads, and even a Victoria's Secret commercial, featuring the doll "Angels" floating around wearing their wings.

When Lammily finally wades through all the crap and reaches the shore, she's so distraught she won't even remove her clothing. And then she sees two perfect, blonde Barbie models hanging out in their bikinis—and, wonder of wonders, they actually have cellulite and stretchmarks!

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This video is hilarious, super strange, thoughtful, and, sadly, an accurate depiction of what women go through every day.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

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