​Woman Becomes a Mother & a Grandmother In an Hour​

babies born on same day, same hospital File this story under "What are the odds of that?" A mother and daughter in Tampa, Florida gave birth on the same day at the same hospital! Angela Patram, 37, delivered her fifth child, Rayna, when just about a half-hour later, her daughter, Teranisha Billiups, 20, gave birth a boy, making Patram a new mom and grandmom all within the same hour!


As you'd expect, Patram told People she was completely surprised by the coincidence: 

We knew our due dates were around the same time, but we never expected that it would happen on the same day. I was shocked when I found out. I was like, 'This cannot be right!'

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It's thrilling to welcome a new child into the world, how amazing would it be to meet your grandchild on the very same day? After you get over the initial shock of your family gaining two new members on the very same day, you'd have to think: Let the spoiling begin!

Most moms would love to have a 20-year-old daughter to help them out with a new baby (a la the Duggars) but it sounds like Teranisha is going to have her hands full with her own new bundle. Still, she'll probably want to do everything she can to embrace her baby sister. Surely, this whole family will become even closer now. Babysitting swaps almost seem like a given, right? 

And can you imagine how much fun these new babies will have growing up together? Especially when they get to tell friends they not only share a birthday but Rayna is Jerry's aunt!

Best of luck to these little babies with the big coincidence!

Do you have surprising birth stories in your family?


Image via Katrina Elena/shutterstock

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