Kids Have Youngest Ever Same-Sex Kiss on TV (VIDEO)

the fosters jude connor kissThis week's episode of The Fosters featured a history-making moment between two of its main characters. Towards the end of the episode, 13-year-olds Connor and Jude, both boys, shared a kiss, and officially cemented the youngest same-sex kiss of television history. Some people, however, were not so pleased.


The ABC Family show centers around a lesbian couple (played by portrayed by Teri Polo and Sherri Saum) and their biological, adopted, and foster kids. It's been a ground-breaking show for the network, but its latest episode drew even more attention.

Take a look at the scene in question:

It's been almost two seasons in the making, and handled delicately by creators, yet when the two teenagers (played by actors who are 14 and 15) shared their first kiss, a Twitter storm erupted. Angry parents and viewers immediately began to critique the scene and attack the writers for putting the kiss into the episode.

But... why?

In a great response, the show's creator Bradley Bredeweg had one simple statement:

When people question the scene my response has been: “Everyone has a first kiss and you remember it. How old were you?” Ninety percent of people who have an answer come back and say, “I was 12, 13 and 14 years old,” and I say, “Exactly. It was time to see this, time to put this up for the world.” Then people understand, they’re able to wrap their heads around it.

Think about it. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Twelve? Thirteen? Probably right around there. The middle school years are when most kids reach this exciting milestone and finally have their first kiss. How is this any different?

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Gay or straight, sorry to say this parents, but kids kiss at 13. It's the reality of life. They're curious, excited, and have probably had multiple crushes throughout the years. Though parents understandably don't want to think of their kids as sexual beings who might want to engage in an innocent peck or two, it's the reality. They will do it.

A little chaste kiss is nothing to get up in arms about. They're all going to do it at some point.

What do you think of this Fosters scene?



Image via ABC Family

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