11-Year-Old Goes to School Dressed as Christian Grey

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Seems innocent enough: School holds a "World Book Day" where kids come dressed as story book characters. But amid the Paddington Bears and Pippi Longstockings was an 11-year-old boy named Liam Scholes dressed as Christian Grey -- the BDSM-obsessed protagonist from the infamous Fifty Shades book -- and teachers, well, freaked.


Sale High School in England banned Liam's kinky costume -- which came complete with bondage cable ties and an eye mask -- and asked him to change his character to James Bond. Liam's mom, Nicola Scholes, a primary school teacher, pointed out that, well, Bond was a philandering killer -- is that any better? Check out more in the video below:

Liam, for the record, has not read the book, but he has certainly heard about it (how could he not?). Given it was the biggest book of the past few years, one could argue that no World Book Day would be complete without Christian Grey! Still, though, what about the fact that they're kids?

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Well, while I certainly wouldn't send my 4-year-old to school dressed as Anastasia Steele, this 11-year-old boy and his classmates certainly seem mature enough to know his costume is just a joke -- not some steamy proposition!

So, in a way, I agree with this mom that there's some fishy double standard going on, allowing kids and teachers to come to school dressed as serial killers and womanizing spies, but not a businessman who engages in consensual kinky sex. In fact, given Christian never lays a hand on Anastasia without her consent, one could argue that Christian is a much better role model than James Bond any day!

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While I certainly wouldn't condone kids reading Fifty Shades, dressing in a costume based on this book seems like harmless fun.

How much do your kids know about '50 Shades'?


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