The One Thing 98 Percent of Kids With Autism Have in Common

autism Years after science proved that Andrew Wakefield's study that linked autism to the MMR vaccine was false, scientists have continued to search for a cause and explanation for the developmental disorder. And the latest study points significantly in one direction: Autism is caused by genetics.


By studying 516 teenagers in the United Kingdom, and 128 pairs of twins where at least one had autism, scientists were able to determine that autism is explained by a child's genetic makeup in 74 to 98 percent of cases of identical twins who share the same DNA. 

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While scientists are not entirely discounting environmental factors, this study does prove that genes, more than any other influence, has the biggest impact on the disorder's development. In the experiment, 181 total teenagers were on the spectrum. But the rate was much higher in cases identical twins.

Though many doctors and studies agree that the recent rise in autism cases is because of better diagnosing standards among doctors, this latest research does point us in a better direction. Sure, lifestyle factors might still play a part, but it all boils down to genetics.

And this could mean great things for further diagnoses. Since genes are so closely tied to the spectrum disorder, children could be diagnosed quicker, leading to better awareness and education, and a definite explanation for parents.

Are you surprised by this latest research?



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