​Warning: 'Kidnappers' Are After Your Baby Photos

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Ever heard of "digital kidnapping"? Well, it's where your kids' photos get stolen online and used by strangers doing weird role-playing scenarios ... starring your kids!


If you think you can stomach it, type in #babyrp or #kidsrp on Instagram and you'll get the idea: up will pop up thousands of people weaving fictional fantasy plot lines about diaper changing or breastfeeding -- all based on pics of kids they've stolen from actual parents.

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While some of the story lines seem fairly innocent at first glance, others do get suggestive or even pornographic. And while Instagram claims they are doing what they can to purge this problem, there are just too many perpetrators to easily keep up.

Consider this a warning, moms: double check your privacy settings, pronto, or else your kids' photos could end up doing a whole lot more than just delighting the relatives.

How would you feel if someone "kidnapped" a photo of your child?


Image © Andrew Brookes/Corbis

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