6 Breathtaking Pictures That Show The Beauty of Giving Birth ​(PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Mar 4, 2015 Parenting News

 birth photo with dogs

Think about it: professional photographers are par for the course at weddings ... so why shouldn't they also be capturing that magical moment called birth? This simple logic may explain why birth photography is a growing field that's had its own professional association since 2010 -- The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers -- which has just announced the winners of their annual 2015 Image of the Year Competition.

This year -- the competition's third year in existence -- the association received 218 entries from their 1,080 members worldwide. And the results are absolutely breathtaking! One look at the winners may very well convince you to relieve your husband of picture-snapping duties and hand them to a trained professional.

Did you hire a professional birth photographer or not -- and why?


Image via Emily Robinson Photography

  • An Emotional Moment


    Image via Nichole Hanna Photography

    First place for this competition went to this moving photo by Nichole Hanna in Wichita Kansas, whose baby girl inspired her to pursue birth photography as a profession.


  • You Can Feel the Family Love


    Image via Jos Verhoogen

    Second place for ths competition went to this intimate photo taken by Dutchman Jos Verhoogen, a press photographer who discovered the joys of birth photographer later in life.

  • Picture of Bliss


    Image via Jane McCrae Photography

    Third place for this competition went to this jubilant photo by Jane McCrae, A Sydney mom with a background in midwifery.

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  • Water Works


    Image via Ashley Marston Photography

    An honorable mention for this competition went to this stunningly simple photo by Ashley Marston, a mother of three in British Columbia, Canada.

  • We Did It!


    Image via Além D’Olhar fotografia – Vívian Scaggiante

    Honorable mention also went to this happy pic by Vívian Scaggiante at Além D’Olhar fotografia in Brazil.

  • Who Let the Dogs Out?


    Image via Emily Robinson Photography

    A third and final honorable mention for this competition went to this sweet pic by Emily Robinson, a mom and birth photographer living in Miami, Florida.

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