The Real Key to a Child’s Happiness (Hint: It’s Not Two Parents!)

happy childHave you been trying to desperately unearth the key to a child's happiness? A new report shows that a child's well-being is all about the money (money, money!) and less about the actual structure of the family.


According to the Council on Contemporary Families (CCF), which analyzed the U.S. Census data, financial security matters more to a child's happiness than family structure. So single moms, this is great news!

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Having a two-parent household matters far less than a parent's (or parents') income level. "Financial security, even more than household composition, shapes children's everyday experiences in ways that contribute to growing inequality," writes Shannon Cavanagh, an associate professor in sociology at the Population Research Center of the University of Texas at Austin.

From extracurricular activities, to general household value, the income that a parent provides can make a great difference in not only the child's inventory, but also their overall welfare.

While poverty does, in fact, still affect many children in America, the difference between two-parent households in poverty and single-parent households in poverty is slight. Having this second parent in the home does not guarantee higher welfare. Especially if they're not bringing in a separate income.

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The traditional two-parent household is no longer what works for and secures a happy child. This is wonderful news for parents who worry they're not enough as one parent. You are enough.

The definitions of family and family happiness are constantly changing.

What's been the biggest single parenthood challenge for you?


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