Mom Gets Pregnant So Her 20-Something Son Can Be a Dad

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A single man in his twenties was dying to have kids. So what did he do? He used his mom as a surrogate to carry his child. We've heard of moms serving as surrogates for their daughters, but for their single twenty-something son? Well, that's a first!


This unidentified family's unusual case first came to light after the baby's adoption got tangled up in the family courts of England, which eventually ruled that the dad could indeed adopt his child, who's now 7 months old.

You've gotta love how this family pulled together in a creative way to fulfill this man's dream of single fatherhood ... still, though, to me, it's a bit of a head-scratcher. Granted, I don't know much about this guy's situation. But based on what I do know, if I were his mom, I wouldn't have just instantly agreed to pump myself with hormones and carry his child. Instead, I would have sat him down and said, "whoa sonny, what's the rush?" 

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Because let's face it: Surrogacy is a taxing process, both physically and emotionally, particularly on the surrogate. It involves a slew of physical and psychological evaluations, hormone injections, and more to bring that baby to life. Of course many moms are willing to do anything for their kids, but should they have to when those kids may have other options?

That's why surrogacy is typically seen as a last resort -- something that women do when they can't get pregnant, or that gay male couples do because they clearly can't get pregnant, either. But if you're single and in your twenties, you've got plenty of time to become a parent without this last-ditch effort. Plus, even if all goes well with the surrogacy, single parenthood is tough, and not something to jump into lightly.

Bottom line: using a surrogate to become a single parent in your twenties sounds a little like jumping the gun. What's the harm in waiting a few years to see what surprises life might bring?

What do you think about hiring surrogate in your twenties?


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