Parents Who Let Kids Take a Walk Alone Found Guilty of 'Neglect'​

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Back in December, Silver Springs, Maryland couple Danielle and Alexander Meitiv allowed their two kids -- 10-year-old son Rafi and 6-year-old daughter Devora -- to walk one mile home from the park without adult supervision. As a result, they've just been found guilty of "usubstantiated child neglect." How awful! 


First off, "unsubstantiated child neglect" means that Child Protective Services will keep a file on the family for at least five years, which complicates what could happen if the kids are caught roaming around town again on their own. So no, the kids aren't being confiscated, thank god, but this is still scary news -- and not just for the Meitivs.

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Because let's face it: once kids reach a certain age, many parents are fine sending them down the road to the local 7-11 for a Slurpee, or letting them stroll those few blocks to a nearby park or school. These parents are often pegged as "free range," and sure, not everyone agrees with their principals. Still, it's one thing for parents to differ and debate how much freedom to grant their kids. It's a whole other ball game for the government to step in with criminal proceedings and label these "free range" practices "neglect"!

Because where will this end: Will parents have to stay glued to their kids' sides wherever they go, whatever the age, or else risk getting written up by the CPS? If so, it's bound to create a whole lot of unhappy families. Kids need their freedom, and parents need the freedom to raise their kids however they think is right (within reason, of course).

In any case, it looks like moms may have one more thing to worry about when they send their kids outside. Sigh.


What's the furthest you let your kids walk on their own?


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