New Toddler Trend: Drinking Coffee (Yes, You Read That Right)

If you were to ask us to guess how many toddlers in the U.S. drank coffee, we'd say, "Umm, NONE?!" ... but it turns out that as many as 15 percent of moms are giving their 2-year-olds coffee. And we're not talking the occassional sip.


These kids are sipping java every day!

The study, which comes from the Boston Medical Center (BMC), looked at 315 moms and 2-year-olds in the Boston area. At first, they were just asking the women about the breast milk, formula, water, and juice that the kids were drinking. They eventually changed the questions to include coffee when they realized that a lot of moms were giving their kids caffeine without realizing how bad it was for them.

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This news is especially surprising considering how often we're told that caffeine is horrible for children ... and it is. Caffeine consumption in kids is linked to a whole bunch of bad stuff, including depression, diabetes, poor sleep, obesity, and sustance abuse. Yikes.

The effects are so bad that we're not even supposed to drink coffee when we're pregnant ... but then people turn around and give it to their babies?

According to the study, Hispanic mothers are 15 percent more likely to give their kids joe, and the majority of the kids who were drinking it are female. It also said that on average, the children were drinking a little over an ounce of coffee ... which means that thankfully, they're not even close to finishing a full cup.

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Even a handful of 1-year-olds were drinking coffee everyday, but it was only 2.5 percent of the families studied. Even so, this probably means it's time for some more PSAs covering what your toddler should and shouldn't be drinking.

Are you surprised by the number of toddlers who are coffee drinkers?


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