Dad Brings Baby to Work & Cranky Moms Get on His Case

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It's every working parent's nightmare: getting stuck with their baby right before an important meeting. Yet Illinois lawmaker Kyle Logan took this problem in stride recently by bringing his four-month-old baby to a board meeting he couldn't miss. Go, dad! 


The back story: Logan's wife, a teacher, had parent teacher conferences that night. Stuck without a babysitter, Logan took it upon himself to shoulder the load and bring his daughter to the Winnebago County board meeting.

For the most part, Logan's daughter Harper Grace sat peacefully in her car seat, but eventually started to fuss. So Logan picked her up and rocked her in his arms for a while, then joked to the room that his daughter would "appreciate it if somebody would adjourn."

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Once this news story broke, many commentators swooned: how sweet is this dad bringing his baby to work? Yet many others complained that if a mom had done the same thing, they wouldn't have been praised at all, and instead received eye rolls ... or worse.

Still, why is anyone saying anything negative about this story at all? Can't we just congratulate this dad for doing the right thing and leave it at that, rather than whine about what's wrong with this picture? After all, we as moms don't like to be bashed, so let's not bash dads, either. 

Plus what I particularly love about this dad is how he didn't fob this awkward task off on his wife, which I'm sure many men would have done (or at least tried to). So, I'm kinda crushing on Kyle for not telling his wife, "Sorry, honey, YOU take the baby."

Bottom line: when a parent -- a mom or a dad -- does something brave that helps normalize the rights of parents to be parents, let's just cheer them on. Period.

What do you think about parents who bring their kids to work?


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