School Makes Kids Pay to Use the Bathroom

kid raising hand in class

When you're a kid, if you've gotta go, you've gotta go ... which is why an elementary school in Australia is getting flack for punishing students who use the bathroom too much.


Bellbridge Primary School has begun "fining" (via fake currency) students who take bathroom breaks outside of lunchtime and recess. This rule was designed to teach the kids the value of money ... only since when does anyone, adult, child or otherwise, have to pay to pee?

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Parents of kids who attend Bellbridge are understandably upset by this new rule -- and if my kids went there I would be, too. Because this school is essentially punishing kids for doing something that's just, well, part of life! Can you imagine punishing your kids for having to blow their nose or do anything else we all just have to do when the need arises?

By stigmatizing "natural" behaviors like bathroom breaks, this school is setting up their students not only for embarrassing accidents, but for hangups about their bodies down the line. Because let's face it: needing to pee is just a natural fact of life. So let's treat it that way, okay?

What do you think of this "no bathroom breaks' rule?


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