Mom Stands Up to Trolls After Disabled Daughter Becomes Cruel Internet Meme​

Some people must not have consciences. That's the only explanation I can come up with after hearing this heartbreaking story about a disabled toddler who was viciously mocked after her mom posted some birthday pictures online.


Little Mariah Anderson has not had an easy life. Two years ago, she was born with a rare disorder called Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome. This happens when a portion of the second chromosome is duplicated, so there are three copies, rather than the usual two.

Mariah has been fighting for her life since she was born, but her mom Kyra Pringle considers every day with her a blessing and a gift. Kyra posted some photos of Mariah's second birthday last week, and was shocked and horrified by what happened next.

The photo of this sweet little girl went viral, but what trolls on the Internet had to say wasn't kind. They mocked Mariah's appearance, and created several cruel Internet memes making her the butt of their mean jokes.

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Kyra has something to say to the people who thought they were being funny by saying terrible things about her daughter. "The smile that you guys think is funny or the smile that you guys are comparing to a leprechaun," she said, "the things you guys are saying about my child, she's not a monster, she's real."

Mariah's grandma, Linda Pringle, was outraged as well. "If you're out there and you're doing these things, and you think that it's funny, it's not funny," she shared, "This is actually a human being, this is a child, this is a baby."

Mariah's dad is mostly upset about the devastation this has brought to his family. David Anderson said, "People are going to do what they are going to do ... the only thing that's bothering me is what's bothering my family."

Even though this baby's life expectancy is grim, her family is enjoying every second with her. Kyra shared, "She's just a joy, it's a joy to have her right now ... It's just to the point where we're enjoying her."

It's sick that this little girl was made into an Internet joke, but thankfully she's too young to be aware of such cruel people in the world. And it's obvious that she's her family's pride and joy. I hope she never feels anything but loved. 

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