Genius 'Cheerio' Parenting Hack Entertains Babies for Hours​

cheerio necklace

There are few moments mom dread more than dragging a baby along on a bunch of errands. Baby is bound to get bored halfway through, throw a fit, then what do you do? Well, you can try this genius "Cheerio necklace" parenting hack from Lenya, a mom blogger at Raising Miss Matilda.


The instructions are ridiculously simple: just string a bunch of Cheerios onto a string, then tie it around your baby's neck (as shown on Matilda above). It'll provide hours of entertainment for your little one, who will start chomping them off one by one.

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I've gotta say, this hack has a lot going for it. For one, it takes mere minutes to make, and requires no participation from you afterwards. It's also small, doubles as a healthy snack, and gets babies honing their fine motor skills as they handle the Cheerios to gnaw them off.

I wish I'd known this trick when my daughter was little (and squirmy at the grocery store). Anyway, here's to hoping it will provide some distraction-free shopping for plenty more moms!

What's your favorite parenting hack?


Image via Raising Miss Matilda; ArtBitz/shutterstock

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