6-Year-Old Gets Detention Every Time He's Late for School

boy late for schoolEvery mom knows what a struggle it can be to get kids ready for school and out the door on time in the morning. Even the most organized families can have an off day and find themselves running late. But 6-year-old boy in Oregon has been paying the price for his routine tardiness. He's been forced by his school to regularly sit and eat alone during lunch detention for being late to school -- even though his mom insists it's not the child's fault. 


Nicole Garloff, who struggles with osteoporosis, says even if the child is one minute late, he receives the punishment. In addition to her health condition which makes it difficult for her to get moving in the morning, Garloff says the family's unreliable car is also to blame for the chronic tardiness that lands her son in detention. 

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Obviously, thinking of your child being isolated from his peers during one of the few breaks in his day is sad -- especially when the factors contributing to his lateness are beyond the boy's control. But while this mom is quick to point out that the fault is hers, that's really not going to solve anything. It's good she's not blaming Hunter but that's not helping him.

And, realistically a school doesn't have any jurisdiction over forcing you to get your child there on time. But you'd think just the thought of your child having to do this once would be enough to either have you set the alarm an hour earlier or arrange a carpool with someone you can entrust to get your child there safely and on time.

Maybe by punishing a  tardy kid repeatedly -- and we're not saying that's the right answer here -- schools are trying to send a message to parents to figure out a solution.

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You can't really blame them either. It would be utter chaos if students just straggled at whatever time was most convenient for their parents. Teachers are professionals too. If anything, the school is teaching this boy an important lesson he'll need later on in life. Few employers are going to tolerate chronic lateness.

While the boy is no doubt getting the message, we hope the mom does soon as well. 

What do you think schools should do in cases like this?

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