Mom Shows Up at Her Daughter's Fistfight... With a Gun (VIDEO)

fist punchAs a parent, you'll do anything to protect your children, and at no cost. But one Texas mom took that too far when she brought a gun to a school fight between her daughter and another teenager.


Viridiana Alvarez went to the fight between the two 14-year-old girls and photos and videos capture her pointing a gun at the head of the girl fighting her daughter. Take a look at the footage:

Now, she's officially saying that the gun wasn't loaded and that her only intention was to scare the teen, but she's now facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Mama Bear came out strong, and she's paying the price.

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Granted, many parents are tempted to go to extremes when it comes to protecting their kids from harm and wrongdoing. They'll do anything to make sure that their child says far away from danger and safe. Parents will get on the bus and beat up their child's bullies in an attempt to correct the situation.

But all the while, it ignores one important fact. As parents, you're still setting examples for your children. Teaching them to rise above, take the high road, and not put anyone else in harm's way is paramount, and the goal of a parent. Bringing a gun to a fight, though allegedly not loaded, is not a solution.

Do you think the mom was right for what she did?



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