Schools Make Kids Attend on Saturdays -- Where Do We Sign Up?

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School on ... Saturday? That may sound like a cruel joke, but kids in Gaston County, North Carolina will be attending school on Saturday, February 28 to make up for a missed snow day on February 24. And kids aren't the only ones who are bummed; parents are, too.


Some parents are complaining about the short notice, saying they'd already made plans. Others kvetched that their kids have jobs on the weekend that they'll now have to miss.

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Still, though, doesn't anyone see the upside here? A SATURDAY WITHOUT YOUR KIDS!!

Just think: you can binge-watch Walking Dead without worrying that your tykes will barge in and freak out at all the zombie gore. You and your hubby can have a hot date without booking a babysitter. The possibilities are endless!

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I just hope these parents wake up and see the upside to their situation before it's too late. Parents rarely get a break, so they should quit complaining and seize the opportunity when it presents itself. 

How would you feel if your kids had school on Saturday?

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