New Hope for Abandoned Babies Could Be This Black Box (PHOTO)​

baby feet

Baby box: no, it's not some newfangled toy or bassinet, but a box where moms can safely and anonymously give up their newborns. If a bill passes in Indiana, the state will become the first to have such baby boxes stations at hospitals, firehouses, and other places that often receive abandoned babies.


Below you can see a photo of the box, which is made by a non-profit called Safe Haven. Pretty basic, but it sure beats moms leaving their babies in dumpsters, right?

safe haven baby box

Experts say these boxes will save infants' lives. Naysayers, of course, claim these boxes just make it easier for moms to ditch their infants.

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Seriously? I doubt ANY mom would consider it an "easy" decision to abandon her baby; it's not like you're just dumping off some old clothes that no longer fit. Whatever moms in turmoil are struggling with -- addiction, abuse, mental illness -- they've come to a hard realization that they can't handle a newborn. And we should help these women however we can.

Bottom line is, baby boxes are best for babies and moms. Here's to hoping they stop popping up in more places.

How do you feel about baby boxes?


Image via Pakhnyushchy/Safe Haven Baby Boxes

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